About Waltcool Pipe Systems


Waltcool Pty Ltd, is a multi-disciplinary Civil Engineering, Mining, Agri, Private Supply company.

Established in 2015 by Rudi van der Walt. Specialists in Construction of Water and Sanitation, Water Reticulation Systems, HDPE pipe projects, steel fabrication and Rural Development. The company is therefore in a strategic position to tender for substantial range of projects from the government, mining, agricultural & private sector. Waltcool Pipe Systems also offers a comprehensive range of fluid control products. The products conform to national and/or international quality standards. The extent of our product portfolio allows us to supply our customers with complete packages of products for various applications.

Our Mission

Waltcool will at all times strive to provide quality products and a world class service.We value our staff. We treat them with the same respect and dignity that we expect and we are constantly helping them to grow and improve.

Our Vision

Waltcool is dedicated to delivering effective, efficient, respectful service with integrity accountability using both proven & innovative methods. To provide better living conditions for urban & rural communities through-out South Africa via the Mining, private sector & government. This has been achieved through empowerment and uplifting of our communities and local businesses.

Our Value Statement

  • We are responsible, accountable, respectful, effective, efficient public stewards.
  • We promote honesty, integrity, and openness in all we do.
  • We encourage innovation to meet challenges.
  • We foster an environment of collaboration.

Our Focus

The initial focus of the company in creating future opportunities, will be to serve the industry and the target markets as best as possible.
We have positioned ourselves to trade in a growth industry for the following reasons:

  • The legacy of South Africa prior to the new democracy excluded the majority of the population from basic services.
  • A large number of areas in our country are still in dire need of basic services.
  • A lack of maintenance resulting in the deterioration of older services.
  • The influx of the rural population into urban areas.
  • The demands and expectations that have reached critical levels in many areas.
  • New developments and better facilities that is urgently required.
  • The governments program to satisfy the constitutional right of citizens.
  • The development of first world facilities will follow. These developments will create a demand for a much wider range of fluid conveyance products and services.