At Waltcool our aim is to offer clients hassle-free on-site installation to keep your operations interruption-free.

We have dedicated installation teams servicing clients with FRCP standard vehicles ensuring safety at all times.

Qualified project managers, ensuring an efficient and timely rendering of service, manage our installation service.

Our clients further enjoy the certainty that our installation teams are available in case of an emergency breakdown where time is of the essence. Qualified Plasticians by the Plastics Federation of South Africa.


Waltcool is dedicated to protecting and preserving the working environment in a responsible manner – we are very proud of how we work and our safety track record

Service Overview

Our goal is to continue the development of our long-term business relations by delivering quality workmanship, efficient production at a competitive cost, while making customer satisfaction our top priority.

Our internal safety program includes:

  • A daily job hazard analysis meeting
  • All staff and team members are trained to look at safety before beginning any task to reduce risk
  • All team members are routinely trained and updated on the best industry safety practices
  • All new team members are extensively trained before beginning as an active member of Waltcool’s team
  • All team members are rewarded for operating in a safe and productive manner
  • All team members’ hours are tracked diligently to prevent fatigue and mitigate the risks related to exhaustion or stress